OfS Short Course Trial Project

We are developing a new short course on Agile Software Engineering as part of the Office for Students’ HE Short Course Trial.

The course will be created from 4 existing undergraduate course units covering a range of topics in software engineering. It will be designed to meet the same learning outcomes, but adapted for flexible delivery, to allow learners to tailor their study to fit their availability and other commitments.

As well as developing and delivering the course, we will be gathering data on the process of creating short courses from existing UG course units, with the aim of providing guidance to other academics attempting the same transformation in different areas.

The project runs from December 2021, with the first run of the short course expected to start in September 2022 and to run until (at least) August 2023.

Course Syllabus

We are still working on the final course syllabus. However, you can view the current syllabuses of the modules which will comprise the short course.

Software Engineering 1
Software Engineering 2
Agile Software Pipelines
User Experience

Project Team

  • Suzanne M. Embury – Academic Lead
  • Anas Elhag – Academic Contributor
  • Fardeen Mackenzie – Research Associate in Flexible Learning Design for Software Engineering
  • Dario Panada – Research Associate in Automated Feedback Tools for Software Engineering
  • Ben Possible – Research Assistant in Student Experience Design for Learning Software Engineering
  • Declan Kehoe – Research Assistant in Flexible Learning Design for Software Engineering

We are grateful for support from the Flexible Learning Project Team at the University of Manchester and from Bryan Mathers of the Visual Thinkery.

Industry Partners

We are grateful for input from the following companies:

If you are a company that employs software engineers and are interested to work with us in developing a relevant and up-to-date short course, or in providing mentoring support or helping us deliver certain topics, please get in touch.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about the short course, or the process we are using to develop it, please contact the Academic Lead by e-mail at suzanne.m.embury@manchester.ac.uk.